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Want to know what are the great movies to watch out for for the rest of 2009? Here's a list of what I'm looking forward to, plus a trailer if they havit! (NOTE, IF I MISS AN AWESOME MOVIE IN THIS LIST, KNOW THAT IT'S COMPLETELY NOT MY FAULT):

My Take: Trailer is adorable and colorful. But it could be a strictly-kiddie affair. Plus, Sony has only made on other animation movie, Surf's Up, and that wasn't a very good one. I think this will top that though. Plus, rain-food! What's not to love?

Trailer here

My Take: High School Musical again!? THAT'S IT! F@#$ YOU, YOU TALENTLESS MOTHER!@!$#@, I'D RATHER F@#$ AN OSTRICH THAN#@$@ YOUR #@$@#$ A$$ YOU @#$@#ING, TALENTLESS- oh wait, it isn't High School Musical? It actually looks better? And promises a hell of a better time? Oh, well, now I feel kind of silly... Just watch the damn trailer.
(p.s. That poster looks like a Coca-Cola ripoff)

Trailer here

My Take: I admit I was never a fan of the cartoon. But seeing this trailer makes me want to take another look. It's style is very nice, that I'll admit. It's very true to the cartoon, yet adds a nice colorful, zesty touch without being cheesy. That in, I think this a more promising animation entry compared to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Trailer here

My Take: Alright, a slightly more serious entry here. Oh wait, it's another Coen comedy? Forget my first statement. That said, after No Country, the bros have had the time of their lives doing whatever the hell they want, and this film is all kinds of curiosity-kindling. I mean, cmon, watch the trailer and I dare you to tell me you don't dig that fancy groove. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK.

Trailer here

My Take: It might seem a bit of a Shaun of the Dead ripoff to some, and hell it might end up being exactly that. But the trailer seemed to promise a bit of a different tone and a different kind of comedic take on the zombie franchise. That said, WOOHOOO ZOMBIES!

Trailer here

My Take: In a world where everyone says the truth, one man creates the invention of a lifetime: LYING. Well, that would have definitely made High School easier. Nonetheless, the premise is excitingly tasty, and Ricky Gervais is long overdue for his hollywood breakout. Here's hoping this is it.

Trailer here

My Take: Hilary Swank as the first woman to cross the Atlantic= Oscar.

Trailer here

My Take: Polar Express was creepy. Beowulf was meh. But there's something about A Christmas Carol that makes me think that this could be different. Maybe it's the Christmas Spirit, maybe its Dicken's classic story or maybe it's Jim Carrey saying Baaah-humbug to a snowflake. Whatever the case, I'm there.

Trailer here

My Take: Read the title and I dare you not to watch this film.

Trailer here


My Take: An interesting take on Stop Motion. Plus, Clooney again! gosh He seems so busy this year. Check the trailer, and be a curiosified! Animation seems a bit choppy, though I think it's more charming than anything. Still, I don't know if I can stand that kinda stuff for a movie length.

Trailer here

My Take: Every film-loving fiber in my body is telling me NOT to put this crap on this list. But let's face it, nothing is hotter in the hotness column than Bella and Edward. DAMN THIS INTERNET PEER PRESSURE! (on a side note, I'm actually excited for the third movie simply cuz its director is actually pretty awesome).

Trailer which most of you saw a hundred times here


My Take: A musical from the director of Chicago!? Nostalgic sentiments from HS 4-D days aside, I'm definitely there. The trailer is amazing and the cast is filled with biiig names. I'm not sure if all of them can actually sing, but if there's the man who can force them to (or at least make them look sexy enough that people don't notice their voice) it's Chicago's Rob Marshal.

Trailer here


My Take: I've waited too damn long for this movie. Now gimme cannibalistic-apocayptic-pulitzer prize winning-shameless oscar bait movie! Wait, that didn't come out right. But really now, a serious oscar contender, plus Viggo really needs to get his dues. Come on guys, he played ARAGORN! Give him the damn naked gold statue already!

Trailer here

My Take: I don't care if the title is redundant, it's awesome! And so is the trailer! If you ever had a love for ninjas, this is like the holy grail of nijawesomness! It's a complete Ninjasm! Now if only we could get it an Oscar for something classy, Best Picture? Best Actor? Why? CUZ ITS FRIGGIN NINJAS THATS WHY!? (Yes, I was like this with pirates when the Pirates series came out).

Trailer here


My Take: Disney's been in the tank lately (excluding all Pixar stuff), and it's hightime they got back to their roots. Watching the new trailer made me swoon and dance and laugh at the Disney magic which has so loong been absent. I feel like I'm eight again, watching with glee and amazement at my favorite fairytale princesses come to life in an amazing enchanted world... sigh... I mean- I WANT MEGAN FOX AND KILLER F#$!KING ROBOTS! GRRRR!!!

Trailer here

My Take: No trailer, no poster, just this lone picture to indicate that this film actually exists. Why do I want to watch it? Clint Eastwood as director, Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela himself. That good enuogh for you, biatch?


My Take: I don't remember reading about how Sherlock Holmes became a topless boxing, train racing, building, bro-loving, sexually kinky bastard. But as long as Robert Downey does it, I'm game. I can't wait for all the bro-love to come from this film, and it's sure to quench my Downey thirst until Iron Man 2

Trailer here

My Take: James Cameron, the man behind Titanic, took a que from LOTR man Peter Jackson to take CGI to a whole new level. Whatever the case may be with that video-game lookalike trailer, this is hyped up to be the new breakthrough in movie CGI, so for that too, I shall watch this film. P.S. Is it just me, or do those guys look like some kind of mutated smurf? Now that'd make an awesome movie.

Trailer here


My Take: LOL! I'm just kidding! I'm not even putting in the trailer for this piece of crap. Suck it!

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For the benefit of my fellow SJ batchmates, I just finised the last revisioned design of the yearbook. Sorry it took this long, but hope its worth the wait. Here are some sneak preview images of what you might be seeing in the final product, hope u like em. Sound out in the comments what you think, okay?


IT's been a while, a hell while since I've updated this. So, I'll be making up for lost time, starting off with my picks for the top 10 movies of the summer! Watch out for my next one, Top 10 Movies to LOOK FORWARD TO for the second half the year's movie lineup, which is quite a lineup, trust me. Well, for now, here's the list (take note that I've yet to watch all movies, Hangover and Inglorious Basterds in particular I feel would make this list had I watched them, but to be fair, I won't include em as I've yet seen em).

10. Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

Not a great movie, not even a good one. Alright, so, it's been slim pickings, can you blame me? For the first half of the summer, I had a dreadful feeling in my gut that the summer would not reach the heights of last year. And while in terms of sheer singular quality it didn't, this year was a case of quantity over quality (to be discussed in the top 5). But for now, barely edging in the bottom of the list is family funfare, Night at the Museum, if only for the case that it was at times mildly entertaining. Plus it's a whoot to see so many famed comedic actors in the same movie together (even if most of em don't get much chance to shine). Probably long forgotten shortly after being watched, I do suppose one could do worse than this over the summer.

9. Watchmen

This is sad, I was so excited for this film. If a year ago you would have told me that this movie would be bottom out the summer lineup, I'd have shot you in the chest with a grappling gun, made u scream and beg for mercy and I'd cry out, " FEAAAAAR MEEE!!!" But oh well, what a difference a year makes. Now, the movie seems like an overlong case of self-indulgence, with Znyder horribly messing up several characters (not to mention the ending). A wonky pacing also haunted the film. It aint all bad, but it was a disappointment. Still, he ended up recreating many iconic scenes perfectly, if at least visually. The action is amazing, and the visual results were, quite simply, a mind-fuck. But with the director pitting the scenes too much like the comic, the result was a bland emotional connection. The best part is when he strays from the book during the credits, where he pieced together breathtaking imagery of what happened before to the tunes of Bob Dylan's "The Times are Changing".

8. Terminator Salvation

Probably this year's Speed Racer. Like that movie of last summer, this one I feel is slightly underrated. No, it's not great. Not even good enough to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth that was Terminator 3. But it was a step in the right direction. Dark, apocalyptic and chaotic, it seemed a decent enough look at the future. The action wasn't half bad as well, and it didn't have a need to provide a single threatening figure of a robot. Instead, the threat was all around, the whole world itself was a threat, which made this feel even more like a new generation of Terminator movies. Not really a reboot, but a retry of the franchise. Whether it will be successful, well we'll see.

7. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

One of the few surprises of the year. Since I never had much respect for the Ice Age series, this ended up pretty decent and funny. In fact it's probably the best of the three, though that's still not all that much of a triumph. Truth is, this series has been for some time showing signs of aging, but the addition of a new character, Buck, turned out to be a brilliant addition, and the films one true highlight. Still, I can't help shake off the feeling that continuing this line of films is doing Dreamworks any favor, or bringing them closer to Pixar. Kung Fu Panda was a step in the right direction, but with a slew of sequels (Ice Age has 3, Shrek is going 4), it should take a page out of Pixar's book and concentrate on singular unique storylines.

6. Drag Me to Hell

This is the part of the list where we leave behind the decent and fairly ok films to those that are great. Drag Me to Hell represents Sam Raimi's return to the fun, campy and scary tone of his classic Living Dead series. While it may not resonate with everyone, much less today's modern audience who are so used to much more modern scares, Drag Me to Hell is a return to the fun horrors of yesteryears. Funny, darkly amusing and hellish, it is how horror movies were meant to be made. Sam Raimi, I officially forgive you for emo Spiderman.

5. Public Enemies

By no means does it match Michael Mann's early classics, Public Enemies still puts him into familiar territory. Gangster flicks are his thing, and its an awesome movie, if not a classic one. Fueled by great performance and thrilling action that made me forget Miami Vice's awful slew of total bore, Public Enemies is a gangster film filled with class and style, if not so much as successful with substance. Still, despite some shortcomings on doing anything extraordianry, Michael Mann provides us a reason to love the depression-era, tommy-gun trotting gangsters again.

4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After seeing this movie, I am amazed how the movie series has matured. Probably the closest at capturing the feel of its book counterpart, this Potter is dark, tragic and filled with emotion. It may not be the most action packed, but I was never this riveted with any of the previous action bonanzas of the series. It's a movie about heart, and about sacrifice and tragedy. For the first time, I felt connected with the movie series character as I was with the book, and if only for that, this has made this the series best, in my taste. The pacing was perfect, and felt nowhere near as rushed as previous films, the performances mature and actually pretty good, the cinematography was beautiful and heartbreaking. If the last film/s is anything like this, I'm looking forward to it. I'm actually looking forward to a Harry Potter movie. For a die-hard fan of the book that has put such high standards on the film adaptation, that's really quite a feat.

3. District 9

Some films everyone anticipates eagerly, before the fail miserable (I'm looking at you Transformers 2). Others meet and break these expectations and stomp on its face (Dark Knight anyone?). Some no ever saw coming, and they're probably the best kind. I for one knew there was something special with District 9, partly cuz they were so tight-lipped on the plot that curiosity drove me crazy, and partly cuz Peter Jackson himself produced it. Either case, this movie ended up an amazing one, a combination of a social documatary and sci-fi action bonanza. It also acts as par computer game, anyone who's ever tried Halo or Half-Life would feel nostalgic at seeing the films. This has a gamer feel to it, yet is by itself a whole slew of everything else. Emotional and stunning, this is the sleeper hit of the summer, and a surprise Sci-Fi Masterpiece.

2. Star Trek

Another Sci-Fi that thrilled me to no end, this was a movie that rebooted another tired franchise and made every single aspect shiny and exciting again, while giving proper homage to the old one. Every character here emits the exact same vibe as the original, yet is also filled with a new sense of freshness and gusto. The action is intense, the effects a remastered vision of the Star Trek universe. Filled with wit, charm, style and thrills, this movie joins Batman Begins and Casino Royale as the greatest reboots of our time, and I can't wait to see where the new direction will take us next. Plus, I couldn't leave this list without one pick of pure fanboy joy.

1. Up

Heart-achingly beautiful, an emotional masterpiece and a visual stunner. That's Up for you. While it does not go into the more colorful main characters Pixar is accustomed to (i.e. Monsters, Superheroes, Talking Toys and a Robot), this movie is most probably one of the most emotional and heartfelt, if not the most. It's really hard to say with Pixar, and that's just it's greatness. Their films are so good, that you can't even bare to start comparin the experiences between films. But I have to say, that the first 15 minutes of this one left me tearing up uncontrollably, my chest tight and my mouth dry. It did that several other times, but that first scene just made me think that no other studios can make kiddie movies with such maturity and beauty as Pixar, and this is the ultimate example of that. Sure it's filled with the usual Pixar wit and charm (in fact it's their funniest outing in quite a while), it's the images that it brings to my head that makes this soar above the competition, undying love, painful memories, true friendship and everything else. This is what movies were meant to be like, and for now stands as my favorite movie of the year so far. Simply because it makes me want to fly into this world, filled with hope and love. *sigh*.... I mean, ggrrr!!! I WANT BLOODY ROBOTS AND MEGAN FOX!!! >_> grr!!!!

Well, that's it for now, check out for more next time!

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Now for something completely irrelevant. First of a nwe line of lists is one of my favorite gangster movies of all time. I have not watched all of the gangster movies around, so Casino or a few others would not be in this list to be fair. This is a list of what I love personally as gangster flicks.